z_The 10 Taken


Told Vanos, Scarlett (Yasel’s parents), Bellus that the party is Taken, as well as the queen. Clerics can tell this Divine Rank that taken have. Council will remove the queen from power, and Bellus will take power until a replacement is elected. Knowledge of the orb was also given.

After verifying the queen is Taken, (and Soyana isn’t) Scarlett went to the council while the party engaged the queen (and a very big blue dragon and an undead gold dragon). Just before this attack, the party warned Soyana of their intent and that she should vacate the area. The blue dragon made a Dimensional Rupture which Yasel knocked the gold one into with her arrows after it gave her 2 negative levels. Elay finished off the queen just as she cast Imprisonment on him. THe blue dragon managed to use Power Word Kill on Kodomo and then teleported to Soulcatcher’s island. Joktar revivified Kodomo and yasel healed her, then they escaped via temporal acceleration back to the MMDP.

After travelling all the way to Tocora to pay 12630gp to remove Yasel’ negative levels, they used a ring of wish to locate Elay and brought him to Yukio to be disjuncted.

Everyone went to the PWDI. Joktar and Elay are training, while Kodomo and Yasel explored a new town!

1 day, 16 hours until noon of DDay. (post-training)


Our intrepid heroes were last seen travelling to Isad, with some odd adventures at (the whole island, but specifically) what we may as well call the Casino Royale.

This comes after meeting with the human with leathery wings who was apparently an envoy for the Dominator to strike an alliance against Soulcatcher. This already bore fruit for the group as they learned Soulcatcher and Spelldrinker’s true names, where her compound is, as well as the fact that the Dominator has been hunting down Soulcatcher’s new-taken. He is also working on a way to unify magic and psionics. That ought to make a fight between Spelldrinker and Joktar interesting. They were hoping to strike against Soulcatcher before D-Day.

With 4 days left until D-Day, the party split up. Elay went drinking with dwarves, but ended up back in Miresus (at a respectable hotel). Yasel was looking through the slag/salvage from the King of Khatovar and staying at the druid’s woods. Kodomo and Joktar found an interesting shield, or set of shields, around Soulcatcher’s compound. This shield was impenetrable (excepting the ability to teleport into it). After melting the entire island to glass, Kodomo pulled a gate to the plane of air out of her bag, and then one back to the material plane as their only route of escape. They too are currently in Miresus.

The time is about 10:00pm. 3 days and 2 hours left until D-Day.

Oh, and the queen is totally one of Soulcatcher’s taken too!


Highlights from the last few sessions. Some events might be accidentally skipped.

Joktar and Kodomo released the Dominator’s control over her, while a small rift formed between them and Yasel. They found and rescued Ranna, along with her new friend, Yukio.

All of the Taken have been released or killed at this point. Still living: Shapeshifter, Soulcatcher, Nightcrawler, Spelldrinker, Stormbringer, The Limper.

The facility where people had been stolen and taken to was found. The party found many magic users with items containing souls (and a healthy amount of zombies)

The party has attacked Shapeshifter (twice!), and has proved that they can defeat him, since he has teleported to safety each time.

The King of Khatovar has evidence that agents from the Queen of Elm’ril assassinated some of his court, and is using this as a basis for war. It is believed this happened while the quekeveraen was being impersonated by one from the Vashta Na’rada. Joktar and Kodomo have relayed this information.

The Queen is giving her annual ‘State of the Realm’ address in 24 days. Member of the Council of Seven Trekep is having a meeting with nearly every powerful mage that can be found, in 3 weeks and 3 days. The King Lorakythe is meeting with a few mages from Veros on the eve before his troops are set to mobilize.

Joktar proposed to Kodomo.

When we last left off, our heroes were…crafting items and doing random other things on the PWDI.

10/24/2010 The Castle of Elm'ril
Lets get ready to be awkward!

Upon arriving in the castle of Elm’ril the party disperses into their own rooms and Elay sneaks off using his cloak to conceal himself and scouts the hallways. Kodomo grabs the bottle of Elven wine that she purchased on their first visit to Elm’ril and decides to bring it to Yasel’s room along with a couple of wine glasses obtained from the kitchen by a servant appointed to comply with each of their requests.

Kodomo stands outside of Yasel’s door and listens for anyone in the hallway and only hears Elay snicker at the sight of Kodomo going to see Yasel bearing alcohol. She decides to knock on the door and when it opens she says,

“Now that we are in the castle and protected to basically the same extent as the queen is…”

She lifts up the wine bottle and glasses, and Yasel opens the door wider to let her in. The two girls start drinking and having a good time while Elay goes to Joktar’s room and, while invisible, informs Joktar of what he has just seen.

After a few hours, Kodomo looks up at Yasel and says,

“You know, you’re a very beautiful woman” as she reaches over to push a strand of Yasel’s hair back behind her ear letting her hand linger on the side of Yasel’s face.

Slightly concerned and a little more alert Yasel responds,

“Thank you… you’re very pretty yourself…” Kodomo leans in to kiss her only to be denied by Yasel moving backwards.

Yasel informs Kodomo that it is against her religion to be in a relationship with a woman, and that it “…in fact, is considered taboo.”

“A lot of people and religions think it’s taboo… why do you care so much about what other people looking on would say? Can’t you just go along with your feelings?” Kodomo retorts.

“Kodomo, I do care about you, just not in that way.” Yasel says calmly.

Kodomo opens her mouth to respond, then she slumps over and passes out, drunk. Yasel picks her up and carries her over to her bed and tucks her in, then enters reverie for 4 hours. Upon awaking, Yasel notices Kodomo is fast asleep and she leaves to train.

Elay, having already meditated, watches invisibly as Yasel emerges from her room and glances in her room to see if Kodomo is still in there, but sees nothing. He continues pacing up and down the hallways going unnoticed by most anyone passing through.

Upon returning to her room, Yasel spots her mother and chats with her for a little while. She informs her mother of Kodomo hitting on her, and Scarlet looks off and says,

“And I thought she was a nice girl…”

“She is! And I want to keep a good relationship with her… just not that kind” Yasel quickly responds.

“That’s good, at least she hasn’t corrupted you.” Scarlet snorts.

Kodomo awakens to an empty room, with a splitting headache and sits up as Yasel opens the door. Yasel asks how Kodomo is feeling, and Kodomo greets her with a smile and says,

“I think I drank a little too much… it seems this always happens when we drink wine here <snickers /> … What happened last night?”

Yasel responds honestly, “You had a little too much, and made a pass at me.”

Kodomo looks away with while her face immediately goes red and apologizes, "I’m so sorry… " then looks back at Yasel, “Did you…” and trails off.

“No, my religion prevents relationships of that kind.”

Kodomo apologizes once again, then gets up and heads toward the door. “Again, I’m really sorry. If you need me, I’m going to go freshen up in my room.”

“I think I’ll take a bath too” says Yasel.

Elay had kept his scouting around Yasel’s room waiting patiently for her to come back. Seeing her preoccupied with her mother, he made larger laps, but did not let her out of his sight. When she opened the door to her room he looked in once again, and this time saw Kodomo with her head in her hands and Yasel shut the door. He then ran back to Joktar’s room, knocked on the door, and informed him of the recent events.

Joktar immediately interested decided to head over to Yasel’s room, and as he lifted his hand to knock on her door, Kodomo opened it almost trampling him. She stopped and waited for him to explain himself. The voice of Yasel came from behind her,

“So, Kodomo, would you like to eat breakfast with my mother this morning?”

Kodomo’s face went white as she said “Does she know?”

“Yes” Yasel responded.

“Sure,” Kodomo replied as Yasel entered her private bathroom.

Joktar, not knowing what had happened, said jokingly “So, you two getting married” and laughed.

Without notice, Kodomo’s hand set itself afire and came flying toward his face. Joktar was too surprised by it, that he had no time to react, and took the full blow to the face.

“Don’t you talk about Yasel like that!” Kodomo exclaimed almost in tears.

“Yeah… she should come out here and slap me too” Joktar looked down “Ya know, Kodomo, you don’t look so well, you want me to come with you? I could spend some points to heal you…”

Kodomo pushed him away and walked of to her room.

Later, at breakfast Kodomo and Scarlet would not make eye-contact with each other. Kodomo just plays with her food, ignoring most of the conversation. After a bite or two, Joktar’s burn heals leaving only a bruise on his face, where Kodomo had punched him earlier. Elay, sensing tension, decides to excuse himself after only a few bites, and conceals himself once again with his cloak, this time out in the open. While invisible, he runs into Vanos warning him that he will have a “fun” meal with his daughter and wife, giggles, and walks off.

Vanos, slightly confused, takes his seat next to his wife and greets Yasel. Getting right on to it, Vanos starts talking about the Vashta Na’rada base, and Kodomo decides to excuse herself after eating only one bite. Yasel realizing that her mother was completely ignoring Kodomo, gives her a look and says,

“<ahem /> Mom?”

Scarlet nodded at Kodomo, who nodded back and left. Upon reaching her room she sent for Ramina Silverfeather, and asked her to bring comfort food.

At the table continues the conversation regarding the base and speculations that Kodomo’s assailant may have been Nightcrawler and that a possible Nightcrawler/Soulcatcher alliance may be forming.

In Kodomo’s room, Ramina brings a tray of sweet rolls. Kodomo spills her heart out to Ramina telling her about how she fell for one of the adventurers in her party, but their religion prevents a relationship with her, and the events of the previous night that she doesn’t even remember, being vague about which party member it happened to be.

A knock on the door, and Kodomo wipes all of the tears from her eyes, and asks who is at the door.

“It’s me, Yasel” came the response.

“Come in.” Kodomo responded.

Yasel immediately apologized for her mother’s behavior hoping that wasn’t why Kodomo had left the table early.

“It’s okay,” Kodomo said, “I pretty much did the same thing to her… Want a sweet roll” Kodomo doing her best to smile.

Yasel declines and then asks Ramina, “Did you tell her about the position?” Ramina shook her head. “Do you mind if I tell her?”

“Go ahead” Ramina says and smiles.

“The queen hired Ramina to be a spy.” Yasel says grinning.

“Oh really?” Kodomo asks with intrigue, “And how is that going?” They all share a laugh and begin some light-hearted conversation.


Just to start some sort of formal time-keeping here, I’ll round a bit and say we are at 10 months post Starstorm (when the Dominator crystals first appeared)

Traded the Ring of Wish for 50k gp worth of diamonds from the queen of Elm’ril. Half were used immediately to resurrect Joktar.

Kodomo acting as the party’s face made several good sales and a great trade. Magic Accessories shop, knows Ranna is missing (for months). Starting to shift attitude towards helpful.

The queen has requested that the party investigate why the assassin’s guild has suddenly changed tactics, why they didn’t try to kill her, and where/why they are taking people.

In Aikatia a human was found in a locked warehouse chained to the floor with Dominator crystals in him. He voluntarily gave them up and said he was abducted. Every so often someone would come and cast spells on him. Fed just enough to survive. Kodomo had an ethereal fight under the warehouse (in the ground) and got plenty of neat loot.

With the help of Bellus, they found that the Vashta Na’rada HQ is under the mage tower being constructed in Gotham.

The party decided to move all stuff stored in Yasel’s room to their rooms in the castle of Elm’ril.

Nightcrawler was the one that attacked Kodomo at the Vashta Na’rada HQ. It is most likely that he has returned to run the guild again. It is unknown if Soulcatcher, who is also working with the assasins, is working with Nightcrawler or not.


much training and shopping
Straight to the 6th floor of the mad mage’s tower. A few traps, Vashta Na’rada goons, and empty rooms later, stuck with 2 rooms, both showing conjuration (one’s a gate) that have no entrances.
All other floors only had strongly trapped doors, no other creatures to speak of.
The teleportation circle goes to “the heart of the dragon lands”
The gate goes to a astral demiplane of a flat topped pillar seemingly infinitely tall with no other ground (115′ × 170′). Waiting there was the mad mage, 4 huge earth elementals and 5 humanoid things of various colors with two different colored spots glowing in their chests. They all seemed adept at magic, and a few seemed only vulnerable to silver. One was immune to lightning and another to fire.
Joktar fell to a death spell, but the rest of the party prevailed.

Loot recovered (from the MM):
2 rings

Kodomo found a hidden room straight down that had the return gate. Borrowing Elay’s teleportation necklace, the party made it to the gate and back to the MM’s tower.


Finally met with the Queen (minus Elay), she commended the party and gave them all the special teleportation bracelet to reenter the castle as they wish. Joktar requested something to help make him smarter [will take about 4 months], and on Elay’s behalf, something to carry more without burden. Soyana, and elf from the order, will stay with the Queen as an advisor. The Queen might have tasks for the party sometime in the future, and would contact them through Soyana. Elay saw the Queen and instead requested an invisibility cloak (which he got).

Orb Question: Has the Mad Mage been tainted by the Dominator? No

Brought the Royal Mage to the mountain fortress to take the dragon carcass and free people trapped as coins (4 humans, 3 elves, 7 dwarves, 2 tieflings). The carcass had been shredded and eaten.

Went to the Mad Mage tower. Killed 6 psuedodragons after passing some empty rooms. Then a flesh golem.

Killed 7 ghasts, 2 gricks, 3 azers, 3 orcs, a vrock, a bone devil (the last two as nasty surprises). Lots of loot, including some mithral armor and a few adamantine weapons.
And that was only reaching the third of six levels of the tower. No telling how much of a wake-up call this will be for him.

Break from adventuring for a 4 weeks because of training. (Yay, 28 orb questions!)

The Story So Far...

The Early Days:

The party found a small tower southwest of Gotham in the woods. There they encountered many dead humans. Infernal writing on the walls depicting a humanoid with leathery wings and the words “He Will Save Us” in blood. Heading up the tower lead to an encounter with a dretch and, later, an imp. In the basement was a permanent gate to what looked like hell. Destroying the glass spheres at the base of the gate closed it.

Also around this time, Lord Frederico was discovered to be “stealing” the homeless and teleporting them somewhere. The party befriended a professor at the mage tower, Master Nailo, to aid in their investigation. He discovered that they were being taken to somewhere east of the city of Aikatia in Veros. Upon Frederico’s death, his dagger was revealed to show the symbol of the Vashta Na’rada. Shortly after, Master Nailo seemed to have disappeared. With the help of another mage of the tower, he was found in a secret basement Master Nailo had under his house, assassinated. In the basement of Frederico’s house was a setup similar to the gate-room in the tower. On the ground floor his parents were found dessicated, with the life apparently sucked out of them.

There was also the matter of orc patrols and the large orc camp south of town. After the Gotham’s strike force was slaughtered, the party sought the King’s help to send more troops. The orcs did have an item that supposedly could burn stone. With the town’s forces thin (and the xenophobic King not wanting non-humans in the guard) the party asked for volunteers among the various races. This force, suffering a total of 6 casualties, destroyed the entire orc camp.

One night, a very bright star appeared and started streaking across the sky, only to end with a brilliant explosion. This sent shards of a white crystal to most places on the northern continent, primarily Khatovar and Veros. Besides the destruction this caused to the land and buildings, there was something odd going on. If one tried to grab/touch these crystals, it would absorb into that person, leaving no evidence behind. Those that had this happen suddenly gained access to a wide range of powers that operated even when magic could not. As it turns out, each shard contained a piece of the Dominator’s soul, and these powers came from him. After gaining enough pieces, or using the power too freely, part of the Dominator would assert itself and influence actions (towards recombining himself) or even take complete control of the being.

During this time, the party used these powers frequently with only one instance of losing control. They learned that Soulcatcher was working with the red dragon Kranimatraxius.

A group of kobolds in a swamp on the far edge of the forest to the west were worshipping a young black dragon that had also gained some powers from the Dominator. After several encounters the threat, and kobolds, were removed. Though, there was a small bit of evidence that could indicate one kobold escaped this rout.

Enter Joktar, a master (or at least user) of this new power, but naturally. Sent from some order with the intent and means to disperse the Dominator’s soul to oblivion. After he removed the traces of the Dominator from Yasel, Roscoe and Ellywick, it became apparent that some residual abilities remained.

A few encounters north of Gotham at some ruined castle led to fights with Azers, wererats, vampire spawn, and eventually some elementals with the mage that summoned them.

There was also plenty of talk of (chromatic) dragons seen on the move, both north and south of Gotham.

East the party traveled! To Veros in search of what was happening to the people being abducted. At a town on the border, they learned of a tower with a mad mage who did his best to leave no survivors among those that encountered him.

Tegas! The city of magic! The city of splendor! The city south of a building being used by “the dominator” (or at least the being most controlled by him). Inside this building are food reserves that automatically replenish, and extensive library (mostly history), and a room with statues that appear to indicate each of the Taken. The statue’s eyes would glow if that particular one had escaped being imprisoned. At the end of this room was a throne that drew the attention of the Dominator when Yasel sat down when there were bits of his soul in her. This is the site where Ranna, the Dominator, and the Faceless Man had their encounter leaving the Faceless Man destroyed, Ranna trapped on the same plane that the Taken were interred on, and the Dominator still at large.

But that wasn’t all of this building. There were several rooms accessible only by demolition or teleport. The third floor had maps and book indicating a few relics of power belonging to the Dominator, scattered throughout the world. The second floor had a room with several bodies, alive but suspended, in coffins, as well as a teleport pad.

The party learned of a fortress high up in the mountains that separated Khatovar, Veros, and Orzhova and more talk of dragons on the move.

As Kodomo entered the group (from the same order as Joktar), the first information was gleaned from the Dominator’s book written in a very strange language.

During a time when the others were training, Joktar and Kodomo decided to investigate the mountain fortress on their own. Over the course of several days, they had many encounters. Strange humanoids with hints at a demonic heritage were the residents, and they did not want visitors. They gave up when they were permanently blinded. In return for being cured, they investigated a castle north of the Dominator’s, in which a creature had several shards within him. This turned out to be the kobold that escaped the rout at the black dragon’s cave west of Gotham. Turns out he was being visited by a member of the Vashta Na’rada, someone that was encountered several times over a few months. The kobold also had some documents indicating that someone had been studying the Queen of Elm’ril.


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