z_The 10 Taken


Finally met with the Queen (minus Elay), she commended the party and gave them all the special teleportation bracelet to reenter the castle as they wish. Joktar requested something to help make him smarter [will take about 4 months], and on Elay’s behalf, something to carry more without burden. Soyana, and elf from the order, will stay with the Queen as an advisor. The Queen might have tasks for the party sometime in the future, and would contact them through Soyana. Elay saw the Queen and instead requested an invisibility cloak (which he got).

Orb Question: Has the Mad Mage been tainted by the Dominator? No

Brought the Royal Mage to the mountain fortress to take the dragon carcass and free people trapped as coins (4 humans, 3 elves, 7 dwarves, 2 tieflings). The carcass had been shredded and eaten.

Went to the Mad Mage tower. Killed 6 psuedodragons after passing some empty rooms. Then a flesh golem.

Killed 7 ghasts, 2 gricks, 3 azers, 3 orcs, a vrock, a bone devil (the last two as nasty surprises). Lots of loot, including some mithral armor and a few adamantine weapons.
And that was only reaching the third of six levels of the tower. No telling how much of a wake-up call this will be for him.

Break from adventuring for a 4 weeks because of training. (Yay, 28 orb questions!)


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