z_The 10 Taken


Just to start some sort of formal time-keeping here, I’ll round a bit and say we are at 10 months post Starstorm (when the Dominator crystals first appeared)

Traded the Ring of Wish for 50k gp worth of diamonds from the queen of Elm’ril. Half were used immediately to resurrect Joktar.

Kodomo acting as the party’s face made several good sales and a great trade. Magic Accessories shop, knows Ranna is missing (for months). Starting to shift attitude towards helpful.

The queen has requested that the party investigate why the assassin’s guild has suddenly changed tactics, why they didn’t try to kill her, and where/why they are taking people.

In Aikatia a human was found in a locked warehouse chained to the floor with Dominator crystals in him. He voluntarily gave them up and said he was abducted. Every so often someone would come and cast spells on him. Fed just enough to survive. Kodomo had an ethereal fight under the warehouse (in the ground) and got plenty of neat loot.

With the help of Bellus, they found that the Vashta Na’rada HQ is under the mage tower being constructed in Gotham.

The party decided to move all stuff stored in Yasel’s room to their rooms in the castle of Elm’ril.

Nightcrawler was the one that attacked Kodomo at the Vashta Na’rada HQ. It is most likely that he has returned to run the guild again. It is unknown if Soulcatcher, who is also working with the assasins, is working with Nightcrawler or not.


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