z_The 10 Taken


Told Vanos, Scarlett (Yasel’s parents), Bellus that the party is Taken, as well as the queen. Clerics can tell this Divine Rank that taken have. Council will remove the queen from power, and Bellus will take power until a replacement is elected. Knowledge of the orb was also given.

After verifying the queen is Taken, (and Soyana isn’t) Scarlett went to the council while the party engaged the queen (and a very big blue dragon and an undead gold dragon). Just before this attack, the party warned Soyana of their intent and that she should vacate the area. The blue dragon made a Dimensional Rupture which Yasel knocked the gold one into with her arrows after it gave her 2 negative levels. Elay finished off the queen just as she cast Imprisonment on him. THe blue dragon managed to use Power Word Kill on Kodomo and then teleported to Soulcatcher’s island. Joktar revivified Kodomo and yasel healed her, then they escaped via temporal acceleration back to the MMDP.

After travelling all the way to Tocora to pay 12630gp to remove Yasel’ negative levels, they used a ring of wish to locate Elay and brought him to Yukio to be disjuncted.

Everyone went to the PWDI. Joktar and Elay are training, while Kodomo and Yasel explored a new town!

1 day, 16 hours until noon of DDay. (post-training)


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