z_The 10 Taken


Our intrepid heroes were last seen travelling to Isad, with some odd adventures at (the whole island, but specifically) what we may as well call the Casino Royale.

This comes after meeting with the human with leathery wings who was apparently an envoy for the Dominator to strike an alliance against Soulcatcher. This already bore fruit for the group as they learned Soulcatcher and Spelldrinker’s true names, where her compound is, as well as the fact that the Dominator has been hunting down Soulcatcher’s new-taken. He is also working on a way to unify magic and psionics. That ought to make a fight between Spelldrinker and Joktar interesting. They were hoping to strike against Soulcatcher before D-Day.

With 4 days left until D-Day, the party split up. Elay went drinking with dwarves, but ended up back in Miresus (at a respectable hotel). Yasel was looking through the slag/salvage from the King of Khatovar and staying at the druid’s woods. Kodomo and Joktar found an interesting shield, or set of shields, around Soulcatcher’s compound. This shield was impenetrable (excepting the ability to teleport into it). After melting the entire island to glass, Kodomo pulled a gate to the plane of air out of her bag, and then one back to the material plane as their only route of escape. They too are currently in Miresus.

The time is about 10:00pm. 3 days and 2 hours left until D-Day.

Oh, and the queen is totally one of Soulcatcher’s taken too!


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