z_The 10 Taken


Highlights from the last few sessions. Some events might be accidentally skipped.

Joktar and Kodomo released the Dominator’s control over her, while a small rift formed between them and Yasel. They found and rescued Ranna, along with her new friend, Yukio.

All of the Taken have been released or killed at this point. Still living: Shapeshifter, Soulcatcher, Nightcrawler, Spelldrinker, Stormbringer, The Limper.

The facility where people had been stolen and taken to was found. The party found many magic users with items containing souls (and a healthy amount of zombies)

The party has attacked Shapeshifter (twice!), and has proved that they can defeat him, since he has teleported to safety each time.

The King of Khatovar has evidence that agents from the Queen of Elm’ril assassinated some of his court, and is using this as a basis for war. It is believed this happened while the quekeveraen was being impersonated by one from the Vashta Na’rada. Joktar and Kodomo have relayed this information.

The Queen is giving her annual ‘State of the Realm’ address in 24 days. Member of the Council of Seven Trekep is having a meeting with nearly every powerful mage that can be found, in 3 weeks and 3 days. The King Lorakythe is meeting with a few mages from Veros on the eve before his troops are set to mobilize.

Joktar proposed to Kodomo.

When we last left off, our heroes were…crafting items and doing random other things on the PWDI.


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