Tag: city


  • Gotham

    h1. Gotham, Capitol of Khatovar Population: 850,000 Human: 60% Elf: 25% Dwarf: 10% Gnome: 4% Other: 1% h1. People To Note [[:126813 | The King of Khatovar]] h1. People You've Met [[:126824 | The Dwarven Smith]] [[:126826 | The Elven …

  • Tegas

    h1. Tegas, Capitol of Veros Population: 1,550,000 Human: 30% Elf: 35% Dwarf: 10% Gnome: 20% Other: 5% h1. People To Note [[The Council of Seven]] h1. People You’ve Met [[:126822 | Callian]] h1. Places of Note Temple of Corellian …

  • Aikatia

    City nearest the tracked location where the missing people were being taken to. South, and slightly east, of Tegas.

  • Shorecrest

    Port city on the very northern shore of Veros. Kodomo ended up there by accident during a teleport mishap.