Gotham, Capitol of Khatovar

Population: 850,000
Human: 60%
Elf: 25%
Dwarf: 10%
Gnome: 4%
Other: 1%

People To Note

The King of Khatovar

People You’ve Met

The Dwarven Smith
The Elven Fletcher
The Gnome Jeweler
The Captain of the Guard

Places of Note

Temple of Corellian
The Castle
The Bank
The Mage Tower (currently being rebuilt)

Past Events

  • The Mage Tower was destroyed, and all but 17 mages were killed. The survivors say that the first few to go just exploded with magical energy, tearing them apart. While the tower is being rebuilt, they are all staying at the temple to Boccob.
  • The party organized a multiracial squad to deal with the orc band to the south. Using this victory as leverage, they hoped change the King’s mind about who could be in the guard.
  • The Lord Frederico Scandal: Lord Frederico was exposed by the party as abducting people (at the very least, beggars) for the assasin’s guild Vashta Na’rada. Further investigation led uncovered that he was a far more powerful mage than anyone knew and that those being taken ended up around Aikatia, in Veros. Soon after, Frederico’s family was killed in an unusual fashion and a secret room found under the Frederico estate with a set up to become a gate.
  • One time ally of the party, Master Nailo (a professor of transmutation at the Mage’s Tower), who helped the party in many of their investigations, was found dead in his secret underground workroom.
  • Gotham, as were many other cities across the continent, was ravaged by the “”/campaign/the-10-taken/wikis/Starstorm/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Starstorm". A bright light streaked across the sky, only to explode sending countless crystal shards in every direction. Many buildings were destroyed. Those that touched the crystals seemed to gain various powers, but were in danger of being controlled by the power within.


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