Miresus, Capitol of Elm’ril

Population: 900,000
Human: 5%
Elf: 85%
Dwarf: 3%
Gnome: 2%
Other: 5%

People To Note

Alyx Typhae, Queen of Elm’ril

People You’ve Met

Yasel’s mother
Yasel’s father
Ramina Silverfeather
Bellus, the Royal Mage
The royal priestess
Royal Guard A
Royal Guard B

Places of Note

The Temple of Corellian
The Castle

Past Events

  • For about 4 months, the Queen had been transmuted into a gold coin and hidden in the royal treasury as a halfling impostor from the Vashta Na’rada using a psionic device impersonated her. She was discovered while alone with the party in the treasury in search of one of the Dominator‘s artifacts. As soon as it was identified, the “Queen” attacked and was terribly outnumbered and outclassed. Until the real queen was found 8 days later, the royal priestess used the halfling’s device to keep up the pretense that there was nothing wrong. For this, the party are now honored guests of the Queen and may come and go as they wish.


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