Tegas, Capitol of Veros

Population: 1,550,000
Human: 30%
Elf: 35%
Dwarf: 10%
Gnome: 20%
Other: 5%

People To Note

The Council of Seven

People You’ve Met


Places of Note

Temple of Corellian
The Bank
The Blue Tower (where the Council presides)
Mystic’s Accessories – For All Your Miscellaneous Magic Needs

Past Events

  • A former member of the psionic order (The E’draden) that was under the control of the Dominator (presumably by having too many crystals) escaped from the party using a massive knockdown wave.
  • One of the The Council of Seven passed away, and a new mage was appointed. This newcomer is also responsible for banning the sale of dragon’s blood (among other things) in Veros.


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