z_The 10 Taken


much training and shopping
Straight to the 6th floor of the mad mage’s tower. A few traps, Vashta Na’rada goons, and empty rooms later, stuck with 2 rooms, both showing conjuration (one’s a gate) that have no entrances.
All other floors only had strongly trapped doors, no other creatures to speak of.
The teleportation circle goes to “the heart of the dragon lands”
The gate goes to a astral demiplane of a flat topped pillar seemingly infinitely tall with no other ground (115′ × 170′). Waiting there was the mad mage, 4 huge earth elementals and 5 humanoid things of various colors with two different colored spots glowing in their chests. They all seemed adept at magic, and a few seemed only vulnerable to silver. One was immune to lightning and another to fire.
Joktar fell to a death spell, but the rest of the party prevailed.

Loot recovered (from the MM):
2 rings

Kodomo found a hidden room straight down that had the return gate. Borrowing Elay’s teleportation necklace, the party made it to the gate and back to the MM’s tower.


Joktar was killed because his twin energy current and solict psicrystal strategy backfired. He was supposed to be free to act, but instead he got stuck doing concentration on the 2nd energy current. He’ll know better for next time.

Worse, both his fire energy currents randomly targeted the guy with fire immunity. That’s bad luck. Especially because the guy who didn’t get hit used haste to use two Phantasmal Killer spells against Joktar the next round. Joktar made the first set of saves, but failed the second.

The guy with the black spot in his chest killed Joktar. Kodomo didn’t have much trouble dropping him once we figured out he was levitating above us. Energy current would have definitely killed him if either of the two 50% chances would have chose him.


All I have to add is: the one that killed you didn’t have a black spot in his chest. He was black and had a white and green spot in his chest. Not that it matters a whole lot.

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